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Whats New

One of our more exciting products is called a Smart Control System.    This controller automatically adjusts your irrigation schedule based on changing weather conditions, your soil type and the planting type in each zone.  When properly installed and programmed the Smart Control System can reduce your water usage by 30% to 70%.   This technology uses rainfall, temperature, wind, humidity, and solar heating to determine when and how much to water each of your irrigation zones.   As a result of all of this your plants get a deeper root system,  you water only when it is needed, and you save money in the long run.

The Smart Control System is available in indoor or outdoor models, and upgrades to your existing ESP Rainbird timers.

The final new product is a newly worked Rain/Freeze Sensor.   This product is required on all new systems and suspends watering when there is rainfall or temperatures dip.  This can save you money when your system is set to run a set number of days a week by suspending the system when water is not needed. Rain sensors are now required by the State of Georgia for all new irrigation systems.